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Rad Video of Will Stanhope Soloing Joshua Tree Cracks

Will Stanhope is one of Canada’s most accomplished free soloists and EpicTV has put together a short video of his recent trip to Joshua Tree.

“It must be something in the DNA of free soloists that makes them all unassuming, humble guys who you’d struggle to pick out of a crowd,” wrote EpicTV.

“Canadian trad climber and soloist Will Stanhope is no different. Stanhope has climbed all over the globe, relentlessly probing the extent of his exceptional talent with and without a rope.

“In this video, Will is in Joshua Tree and although he may have brought a partner in the form of Matt Segal, Will spends most of his time climbing by himself, regularly cranking out several routes before breakfast.

“Inspired by classic footage of Stonemaster John Bachar, Stanhope solos a number of the area’s super-classics before roping up to take on the laser-cut splitter Asteroid Crack 5.13.”

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