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Smooth Second Ascent of Jimmy Webb V14

Underground crusher David Fitzgerald floated the problem, making it look like half the V-points

Climber and film editor David Fitzgerald recently made the second ascent of Bursting at the Seams V14 (8B+) in South Lake Tahoe, California. Fitzgerald is from Ireland and quiet about his climbing. He’s not well-known by the climbing media or international climbing community in general.

“I’d heard tales and the legends are true…Fitz is absolutely one of the strongest folks I’ve ever met!” said Keenan Takahashi on Instagram. “The strongest unknown climber in the game?” added Jimmy Webb, also via Instagram.

Fitzgerald has many hard ticks to his name, but most of them have not been published online. In addition to his Bursting at the Seams V14 repeat, you can watch his 2022 ascent of Fallen Angel V15 in South Lake Tahoe in the videos below. Other than climbing, Fitzgerald works as a film editor. He most recently edited Keenan Takahashi’s amazing highball film, A Little Life.

Fitzgerald Repeats Bursting at the Seams V14

Fitzgerald Sends Fallen Angel V15