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Watch 2001 Justin Trudeau Interview About Mountains and More

Justin Trudeau became the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada this week. Watch this interview with him on a Whistler gondola from 14 years ago. In 1972, Richard Nixon made a prediction that one day Justin Trudeau would be the Prime Minister of Canada. Now, some 43 years later, it has come true.

While many know that Justin was a snowboard instructor, he and his family have also been big supporters of the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) since his brother Michel Trudeau died in 1998 in an avalanche.

Watch this 2001 interview between Crucial Mike and Justin on a chairlift in Whistler as they discuss skiing, mountains, the CAA and more. Interview by Crucial Corespondent Crucial Mike Jeffries. Filmed by Paul Benoit and Edited by Jai Orton. Location Whistler B.C.

There’s no saying what the next four years will be like for Canadians, but one thing is for sure: our new Prime Minister has a big place in his heart for the mountains and other outdoor spaces in this country. That can only be a good thing.