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Watch a Climb of World’s Biggest Artificial Wall

The five-pitch route climbs the Luzzone dam in Switzerland

Watch as climbers on the Bouldering Bobat Youtube team climb Luzzone, a five-pitch 5.10b in Switzerland. The route has over 650 holds and climbs the 165-metre Diga di Luzzone dam. The route was installed in the 1990s by a German climbing hold manufacturer.

The route slowly progresses from slab to overhanging, is well protected and the moves are never too hard. The grade comes from the length and exposure. You need 14 quickdraws and a 70m rope or a doubles/twins if you want to be able to escape by rappel before the top.

Each station has two quick links and a rail to stand on. The last anchor is built into the railing at the top.

Luzzone Dam