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Watch Jimmy Webb Send Livin’ Large V15

In July, Jimmy Webb made the second ascent of Nalle Hukkataival’s V15 in the Rocklands called Livin’ Large.

Hukkataival made the first ascent in 2009 during an extended stay in South Africa. “Proper last day best day.” Jimmy wrote on Instagram. “Woke up early again for the usual routine and found myself on top of Livin’ Large for the second ascent.”

Webb had the support of a large team of climbers who helped carry pads to line the ground beneath the highball.

“I have most certainly never been so consumed by something more than this piece of stone,” wrote Webb. ” Livin’ Large is to me one of the most incredible rock climbs I’ve ever seen. Have I ever wanted to send something so bad?”

It took Webb 10 days of effort to send the route.

“No words can fully describe the feeling I had when I stuck the final jug,” Webb wrote.

“Cheers to everyone who helped get me through this process of hiking pads, spotting, waking up early etc, etc. couldn’t have done without ya’ll.”

Visit Jimmy Webb’s Instagram here for more.

livin’ large from Sam T on Vimeo.