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Watch Out of the Shadows – Feature Film on Okanagan Bouldering

Out of the Shadows is the successor to our first films entitled “The Fields” produced a couple years ago. 

Climber, director and producer Clayton Arnall follows Andy White, Jason Duris, Staci White, Jessica Zotto, Clayton and Braden McCrea through the now-popular boulders in the Okanagan Valley.

“One of the necessary evils of the ‘The Fields’ was it was designed for a general, film festival audience that may not necessarily know all the climbing terms and lingo,” wrote Arnall. “What this meant for regular climbers, is even though there was tons of great climbing and other stories, some of the info was a little ‘dumbed down’ to appeal to a wider audience. We always wanted to make another film that appealed more to the hardcore climbing crowd: hence the birth of Out of the Shadows.

“There’s just so much more to see and talk about with the exploding bouldering scene here in the Okanagan – much more than we could have fit into the last film that only ran 12 minutes. Until a few years ago nobody had even heard of the bouldering potential in the Okanagan Valley. And now, people are finally starting to realize that there is some world class bouldering in the valley. The Okanagan valley is finally coming out of the shadows.”

Out of the Shadows – Bouldering Film (2015) from Testpiece Films on Vimeo.