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Watch Thanksgiving Climbing at Quebec’s Kamouraska

In Canada, Thanksgiving is a time for climbers to celebrate and give thanks at their favourite crag. 

In Quebec, Kamouraska is a popular mid-autumn gathering spot for many climbers. Kamouraska is a quartzite crag with a number of fun climbs above the St. Lawrence River.

There are over 100 bolted routes and there will be crowds on weekends, but it’s worth the wait. The routes have blocks, pockets and sharp crimps.

Located three kilometres from the village of Saint-Andre-de-Kamourasaka on the south side of river, the crag is operated by the SEBKA, who also operates the camping.

Five years ago, Dom Caron, Luc G, Marty Theriault, Christian Hapgood and Fred Berube spent their Thanksgiving there. Watch below.

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