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IFSC World Cup 2016: Watch Sean McColl in Villars Finals July 16

Sean McColl was the only Canadian to advance to Semis in Villars, much like last week’s World Cup in Chamonix, but this week he advanced to Finals. After the comp, he said, “What a crazy Semis route here in Villars with some big names missing the finals. I think this was the most fun I’ve had on a competition route in my career.

A very interesting qualifying round here in Villars, Switzerland… ?? • I made a huge mental mistake on my Q1 and didn't just relax and go on instinct. I was too focused on a high heel hook instead of just matching feet and squeezing. I fell only 1 move later after spending 20 seconds fumbling around. ? • After the first route, I knew I had to do exceptionally well on my second; I hadn't been that stressed in qualifiers in at least 4-5 years! I composed myself during the break in between climbs and studied the second route more than usual. I executed perfectly and flashed the route! ? • It felt like I could breathe again, it's so weird to do poorly on Q1 because then there's no buffer for Q2, had I made any costly mistakes in the first half of Q2 and I might have missed semi finals! Time to put all this behind me and get excited for my next round ? • ? by @severinlangphotography

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I knew I had passed a hard crux at the end of the black volume section and to be able to throw in a 360 mid route on a rope is unreal.” Watch McColl goes against some of the world’s best competitors in Finals on July 16 at 3 p.m. EST below. Full Semis results here.

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