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First Look: New Black Diamond C4 Camalots for 2019

Black Diamond C4 Camalots for 2019

Black Diamond is bringing us an updated C4 Camalot in 2019, which is lighter and has a number of great new features.

This will be the fourth generation of the C4 Camalot, which was first available 30 years ago.

There are two types of Camalots, those with four lobes (original Camalots and modern C4 models) and those with three lobes (Camalot C3s).

The original Camalots and the C4s utilize a patented dual-axle cam system, resulting in a slightly higher expansion range than for a similarly sized single axle unit, and also resulting in increased strength.

Three generations of Black Diamond Camalots

The new C4s are 10 per cent lighter, have a new tread pattern, variable stiffness stems, a trigger keeper on the 4, 5 and 6, smaller slings with tags on the inside,

Kolin Powick is the category director at Black Diamond and he walks us through some of the upgrades that we can look forward to.

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