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Canadian Rockies Big Mount Whitehorn Finally Skied

Mount Whitehorn stands tall next to Mount Robson at 3,399 metres in B.C. and was one of the last great un-skied faces of the Canadian Rockies.

It has a number of interesting climbs, including the a number of ridges and faces. Its massive east face is one of the last big unclimbed walls in the range.

Mount Whitehorn’s North Face. Photo John Scurlock

Up until late May, its north face had never been skied and was considered a serious challenge. On the 21st, Matt Cote, Ali Haeri and Andrew McNab clipped in and made the first descent. Click on clip below to watch.

In an interview with Biglines.com, McNab said, “Skiing the face was pretty amazing, the conditions were unreal. The climb itself was pretty fun too.

“I had to climb a steep pitch and then dig through the cornice on an exposed rib on the west ridge, which was super fun and intense. Not really scary, rather just a focused few moments.” Read the interview and check out photos here.

Other big alpine ski lines in the Rockies include the North Face of Mount Robson, the North Face of Mount Bryce and the West Face of Mount Temple. Click on the clip below to watch the drop.