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Gord McArthur Sends All Haffner Cave Routes in a Day

The world cup competitor is the first to send all eight routes, which includes a new M10+

Photo by: Tim Banfield

Pro B.C. ice climber Gord McArthur has sent all eight routes in the Haffner Cave at Haffner Creek up to M12, including a new M7 recently bolted. Sarah Hueniken sent six of the hardest lines directly in the cave, also known as the Hoar Cave due to the wild ice features, early this winter. Read more here.

McArthur said after, “Eight years ago Will Gadd climbed all the routes in the iconic Haffner Cave in a day. It was inspiration that encompassed the world of mixed climbing. Last month, Sarah Hueniken told me she had the same goal. Yesterday, battling through a lot of self doubt, I managed to climb every single route in the cave. It was a long shot, but sometimes you just need to believe your capable, as well with the right kind of push/support from those that know you’re capable.”

McArthur was belayed by Greg Barrett, who recently established a new route at the cave at Mesopotamian M10+. The other routes that McArthur climbed are Dick Jones M7, Caveman S M10-, Piltdown Man M12, Neolithic M11+, Fire Roasted M10+, Mesopotamian M10+, Homoerectus M8+ and Michelle’s Route M7. Watch McArthur send Storm Giant in B.C. below, one of the world’s hardest drytool lines.

Storm Giant




Lead photo: Tim Banfield