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Harrington and North Climb and Ski Big Lines in Alaska

Taku Tower Photo Mauri Pelto / Wikicommons

Brette Harrington and Caro North recently spent time above the Juneau Ice Cap climbing and skiing.

They made the first ascent of the Northeast Face of Southern Duke Tower 5.10b M5+ 85 degrees, read more about it here.

They also climbed a new route on the Taku Towers in five pitches and up to 5.10+.

“We couldn’t believe how nice the weather got after three days trapped in our tents during a snowstorm, said North on Instagram.

The Taku Towers are a pair of peaks in the Taku Range northeast of Emperor Peak and north of Juneau. There are a number of established routes.

Harrington and North also spent two days ski touring about 35 kilometres across the Taku Glacier to Devil’s Paw to ski the southeast couloir, a 1,000-metre line.

Devil’s Paw is an international boundary peak between the U.S.A and Canada. The west side is in Alaska and the east side is in B.C.

Devil’s Paw sits along the crestline spine of the Coast Range, in the middle of the Juneau Icefield. The Southern border of the icefield falls off in a number of glaciers into the Taku River Canyon.

This granite massif has several peaks along its rim. Two glaciers fill the relatively flat basin below the massif, and another falls off to the North side, as well as the East side, in Canada.

The elevation of the highest peak in the massif is 8,584 feet.The icefield elevation at its base is 5,000 feet. So the massif itself is 3,584 feet of rock.