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Luke Zimmerman Sends V13 on Cold West Coast

Luke Zimmerman announced on Instagram that he sent Shelter V13, his hardest boulder problem to date. A few days ago, Squamish-based Jamie Finlayson sent I Shot the Sheriff V13. It seems the cold arctic temps are good for sending burly granite problems. Earlier this month, Zimmerman sent The Serpent V10 at the Apron Boulders. For a full list of his sends, visit Sendage.com here.

I climbed Shelter today. Not only is this my hardest ascent but also the one I have worked the hardest for. It is also, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful, pure lines out there. It is the boulder I have most wanted to climb. When I began trying Shelter a year and a half ago, I was not strong enough to climb it. These deficiencies guided my training and as I improved on them, slowly bit by bit Shelter came together.  The whole process required a lot of faith, especially when I became stuck, unable to progress past the foot transition between the second and third move. I could do every other part but this move alluded me, and began to seem impossible. I built a replica of this movement on my home wall, an easier version which I gradually made harder. The specific training worked and I finally was able to attempt the full climb. . Tactics were somewhat of a theme of this problem. I used ladders and stools to work the individual moves. I also (unsuccessfully) built several different water diversion contraptions on top, in an attempt to combat the wet streak that makes this problem so often unclimbable. So it was fitting that so many tactics were employed on the day of the send. Some friends helped me place a tarp over the climb which kept it clear of snow. I removed some remaining ice with hot water and dried the holds with a leaf blower. I brought a ladder to carefully prepare every hand hold. And then I sent, on my 2nd try of the day. Everything went smoothly in what felt like the perfect culminations of hours and hours of preparation. It was an amazing moment, alone in the forest surrounded by beauty. . Thanks to my beautiful and amazing wife for all the support. Without it none of this would be possible. #squamishbouldering #bouldering #squamish #climbing #rockclimbing #gopro #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #rockclimbing

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