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New 5.15a for Alex Megos and 5.15b for Will Bosi

The two top climbers have ticked a number of 5.15s so far in 2021

Photo by: Jan Novak

It’s rock climbing season in Europe and top climbers are quickly sending their projects. Here in Canada, Ontario is under a stay-at-home order, there are curfews in Quebec and travelling for non-essential reasons is discouraged out west. However, climbers are getting out daily to their local crags.

William Bosi, who recently made the first ascent of King Capella 5.15c, put down an old proj bolted by Beto Rocasolano up a line that joins Jungle Speed 5.14d in Siurana. He said that it’s not as steep as his 5.15c, but it’s more technical with smaller holds.

And Alex Megos has reported about the first ascent of ascents of Hello Kitty 5.15a in Frankenjura which links Pantera and Black Label. Last month, he made the first ascent of Et pour quelques dégaines de plus 5.15a at St Léger, France, where you can watch below. Megos will compete at the Bouldering World Cup in Switzerland next week.

Alex Megos

Will Bosi

Lead photo: Jan Novak