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Paul Robinson Sends Delirium V15 in Colorado

Paul Robinson has repeated Delirium V15 at Mount Evans after a few days of projecting, it’s his 18th of the grade.

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“I have been stressing hard over this line for the past week or so,” said Robinson.

“After falling off the final move to the jug a few days back, it feels great to finish up Delirium V15 ap at Lincoln Lake.

“This boulder is 18 moves long out a roof and sits at about 12,000 ft above sea level (~3,700 m). It really required a sport climbing mentality of utilizing the rest in the middle and keeping it all together for the hard exit sequence.”

Delerium was first climbed by Jimmy Webb and repeated by Daniel Woods, Dave Graham and Griffin Whiteside.

Robinson became one of the first climbers to send V15 with his first ascent of Lucid Dreaming in 2010.

Other V15 problems Robinson has climbed, include Monkey Wedding in Rocklands, Paint it Black in Colorado, Terremer in Texas, The Nest in Red Rocks, The Story of Two Worlds in Switzerland and many more.

Robinson has a big Youtube following and posts high-quality videos almost every week.

His most recent video was about the 10 problems he wanted to climb in 2018, Delirium was high on the list.