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Pia Graham Sends First V10 With Zozobra at Niagara Glen

Pia Graham has climbed the burly Zozobra V10 at Niagara Glen in Ontario for her first of the grade. “Beyond stoked to have gotten the first female assent of Zozobra.”

Graham told us that she need six sessions to climb the pumpy line found in the Romper Room area at the Glen. “I had never tried it before this month,” she said. “This is my first V10.”

Graham said she plans on working on other V10s at the Glen and that she’s “going to start working on the V11 sit start of this boulder.” Later in the summer, she’ll be heading to Alberta to do some multi-pitch and then going to the New River Gorge to get on some hard routes and boulders.” Be sure to follow Graham on Instagram below.

In a 2014 interview with Graham, she said, “The first time I ever made a Tour de Bloc finals was when I was 13, but I’ve only competed in Tour de Bloc here and there.

“I never really thought I was good enough and I’ve never been much of a boulderer until we started training specifically for bouldering this season since the competitive youth format changed.” Read more here.

Pia on Zozobra

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