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Seb Bouin Gets First Repeat of an Adam Ondra 5.15a

He plans to project possible link-ups into the pitch that could make it as hard as 5.15+

Seb Bouin Adam Ondra

Seb Bouin is currently climbing at Flatanger in Norway where he’s made the first repeat of Thor’s Hammer 2, a 5.15a first climbed by Adam Ondra in 2017. Thor’s Hammer 2 is the second pitch to Thor’s Hammer, a route Ondra climbed in 2012 at 5.15a. Bouin repeated Thor’s Hammer in 2016 and suggested a downgrade to 5.14d which Ondra agreed with.

The full Thor’s Hammer project was a three-pitch line established by Magnus Midtbø. Thor’s Hammer is a link-up of the first two pitches and Thor’s Hammer 2 is the original third pitch by Midtbø.

Ondra said that if you linked the entire 80-metre Thor’s Hammer and Thor’s Hammer 2 that it would likely be a 5.15b/c. Bouin said that he plans to attempt the link-up from the ground following a line up Move 5.15b/c into Thor’s Hammer 2, which Ondra said might be 5.15d.

Earlier this week, Bouin repeated Ondra’s Flatanger route called Iron Curtain and suggested a downgrade, noting that it was easier with kneepads, which Ondra didn’t wear.