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Watch Climbers Get Speed Record of Longs Peak 5.10

Dean Potter's FKT stood for 20 years until the summer of 2020

Records are meant to be broken, but in the case of the fastest known time up The Casual Route 5.10, seven pitches, on Long’s Peak Diamond set by Dean Potter not for over 20 years.

It took Stefan Griebel and Wade Morris three hours, 53 minutes and 59 seconds to climb the route in summer 2020. It took Potter three hours and 59 minutes. The timing starts at the trailhead to Longs Peak and ends back at the trailhead.

The first free route on the Diamond was in 1975 by Wayne Goss and Jamie Logan via D7, Yellow Wall and Black Dagger. Later that year, Pervertical Sanctuary was freed by Tobin Sorenson and Bruce Adams. Two years later, Duncan Ferguson and Chris Reveley climbed D1 pillar to Table Ledge and named it the Integral Route.

Charlie Fowler then free-soloed the route and said it felt casual and thus it was then called The Casual Route. In 1991, Roger Briggs free-soloed the Diamond at five hours and 45 minutes. Then next speed record was Potter’s.

Long’s Peak FKT