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Watch Edu Marin on Valhalla, 14-Pitch 5.15a, in Feature Film

Chris Sharma will be part of a live Q&A for the film's premiere

After six months of effort, Edu Marin freed Valhalla, a 450-metre roof in the Great Arch of Getu, China. It’s a 14-pitch 5.15a. He reported on Instagram after the climb, “Today, we have climbed Valhalla!”

Marin’s grades for the pitches come in at: 7b+ (5.12a), 7a (5.11d), 8a+ (5.13c), 7c+ (5.13a), 9a+, 8b+ (5.14a), 8a (5.13b), 8c+ (5.14c), 8a+ (5.13c), 8b (5.13d), 8a+(5.13c), 8c+ (5.14c), 8a+ (5.13c), 8a+ (5.13c).

While the roof spans 304 horizontal meters, in total the route covers over 450 meters. The crux is called “Odyn’s Crack” and goes at 5.15a. This is the world’s most difficult route at this length.

Supported by his father, Novato, and brother, Alex, Marín, Edu started from the back of the Great Arch on at 4:00 a.m. and needed only nine hours to redpoint the full route.

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Hoy es el dia en el que se materializa todo el esfuerzo realizado durante estos dos últimos años. Ha sido un proceso largo e intenso pero por fin lo hemos logrado. Nuestro objetivo siempre ha sido teletransportaros a China para que experimentéis todo lo ocurrido alli. Esta película recoje todas las experiencias, problemas, alegrías, derrotas… que vivimos durante 8 meses en China. Me conoceréis más profundamente y veréis la realción que tengo con mi hermano @alexmarinclimb y mi padre @novatomarinrueda Una aventura que ha cambiado mi vida por completo y espero ¡¡que cambie la vuestra!! Gracias por todo el apoyo recibido durante todos estos meses 🙏🏼 Sin vosotros nada de esto sería posible. A partir de septiembre se estrenará la película en diversos festivales alrededor del mundo y a inicios de 2021 organizaremos varias giras internacionales para que la película llegue a todos vostr@s! Pic by @davidlopezcampe —————————————————————— Today is the day in which all the effort made during these last two years materializes. It has been a long and intense process but we have finally succeeded. Our goal has always been to teleport you to China to experience everything that happened there. This film reflects all the experiences, problems, joys, defeats … that we lived for 8 months in China. You will know me more deeply and you will see the relationship I have with my brother Alex and my father Novato. An adventure that has changed my life completely and I hope it changes yours !! Thank you for all the support received during all these months. Without you none of this would be possible. Starting in September, the film will be released at various festivals around the world and in early 2021 we will organize several international tours so that the film reaches all of you! Special thanks to; @petzl_official @borealoutdoor @woguclimbing @theclinic.international @sendclimbing @ttrinternational @ttr.chile

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Valhalla, cielo de roca Film

Worldwide premiere of the film will be on Oct. 2 and available for 48 hours. Chris Sharma and Dani Arndrada will join Marin for a live Q&A.