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Watch Pete Kamitses on Wild Adirondack Crack Project

This route at Moss Cliff in the Adirondack Park in NY state will be the hardest route in the area once it gets completed. It follows most of a route called The Highline 5.13d that Pete Kamitses freed up the right side of the cliff a few years ago. It then continues for 15 metres feet of new climbing straight up a seam instead of breaking right to easier ground.

It starts off a ledge 50 metres up and follows twin crack systems and seams for 50 metres and overhangs five degrees on average. There are a few bolts down low, good gear in the middle, and small, widely spaced but solid placements protecting the cruxes at the end.
For the third year in a row, Kamitses has failed to free the route, falling multiple times at the end of the crux.

Due to peregrine falcon closures at the cliff, and the early winter in the Adirondacks, the only decent climbing conditions happen in September and October each year before the route gets wet in early November.