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Five Fun Climbing Games to Play Between Sessions

Climbers like to keep moving even on rest days and the following five games are good ways to stay focused when off the rock.

Pad Stacking: Stacking pads is exactly what it sounds like. The goal is to stack as many pads as you can, start with the biggest. The footing is bad and to try it without a rope would be bonkers.

Table Traverse: Start on top, wrap and span yourself under and mantle back on top. There are many techniques that work.

Chair Traverse: The chair traverse requires slightly more core than pad stacking. Be sure to use a chair with wide legs. Don’t touch the ground and try not to tip the chair.

Footlock Rope Climb: You need a bit more gear and a belayer, but if you’re keen then the footlock game is a workout. Rig a 15-metre rope and try to beat the 13.65 second world record.

Crate Stacking: Like footlocking, you’ll need a belayer because if you’re good you can climb pretty high. Collect many milk crates and stack away.