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Monday Motivation: Chris Sharma on Time Machine 5.14c

The first ascent of the hard sport route was in March 2019

Earlier this year, Yuji Hirayama made the first ascent of Time Machine 5.14c in Japan. “There are many of my old routes from 1987 and 1988 here in Gozeniwa and those routes give to me lots of inspirations just being here and just climbing here,” Hirayama said after his first ascent.

“And those routes are express a lot of messages from 80s and even I feel like it’s from young Yuji. And today with my new route Time Machine will express a lot what we are doing today and Time Machine will bring you to my generation forever.”

Chris Sharma was on hand to make an early repeat of the powerful route but only after he projected the moves. Watch Sharma’s process in piecing the route together.

Time Machine