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Stoked at Home: Iker Pou Send of Action Directe 5.14d

Watch the third ascent of the world's first at the grade

Spanish sender Iker Pou sent Action Directe, the Frankenjura test-piece by Wolfgang Güllich in 1991, nearly 20 years ago for the route’s third ascent.

In a story Pou recently wrote for planetmountain.com here, he said: “My second attempt didn’t go at all well, I fell at the first move, on the dyno that had never betrayed me. I was obviously very nervous. I lowered to the ground, pulled the rope, tied back in and, practically without resting, started up the route again.

“And this time, yes, my attempt was perfect and I didn’t fail. I sent Action Directe! My euphoria was so great that, I remember, words failed me, I was like in a bubble. The first thing we did was go for a beer and call our parents. I was so excited, just a few days earlier Eneko, Andoni and all our other friends had returned home and I wanted to dedicate my ascent to them.” Watch below.

Action Directe