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Watch Adam Ondra Send Sacrifice 5.15a in Alberta

And see how Tendon ropes are made

In 2018, Adam Ondra made the first ascent of a number of hard routes in the Bow Valley, with one being Sacrifice 5.15a. Bolted by Evan Hau, the steep bolted route in Echo Canyon is one of the most difficult lines in Norther America.

During his visit Ondra onsighted Endless Summer 5.13d and Existence Mundane 5.14b. Then he onsighted two 5.14s: First Flight 5.14c and Ojas 5.14a. All of these ascents took place at Acéphale, the same crag containing his new route Disbelief 5.15b.

After Ondra’s send of Disbelief, he said, “It took me eight days in total. On day three I broke a hold, which made it quite a bit harder. It’s a 20-meter route and the first 10 meters are very hard. The holds are small—not as small as I would expect in a 9b (5.15b) vertical route, but they are facing the wrong way and the footholds are not in the right place. And the feet are really slippery.”

The first few minutes of this film dedicated to the building of Tendon ropes shows Ondra working the moves and completing the first ascent. After that, you get to learn how ropes are made.


Sacrifice 5.15a