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Watch Climber Hit the Ground After 30-Footer

Watch a climber take a 30-footer and hit the ground, luckily he was OK. This is what he wrote about the accident: “This was about seven years ago in my 1st year of climbing. I made the novice mistake of underestimating a climb I knew nothing about.

“Used very bad technique and failed to clip the draw after pulling two feet of slack and the belayer feeding the same. Thank you to my belayer for doing everything to bring in the slack and ultimately suffered some serious rope burn on her hands. She saved me from broken bones. After shaken the experience off, I finished the climb and walked home with a huge lesson learned.”

Many older sport routes are quite run-out, especially compared to climbing gyms. Suss the bolting from the ground and don’t commit to run-outs where you could hit the ground.

Ground Fall


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