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Watch Edu Marin on Mega China Project

Edu Marin is currently working on one of the most epic looking sport routes ever established.

The new multi-pitch bolted route climbs along the roof of the Grand Arch of Getu in China.

Marin is currently projecting and bolting the line. “We are worried because as we reached the roof, we realized that there are some blank areas,” said Marin.

“With barely no holds and that may not allow us to continue with the project.”

In this short video, we see clips of the approach, the team jugging ropes, bolting and cleaning.

Marin has been climbing since a very young age and he redpointed 5.14b at 15.

At 16, he onsighted 5.14c and by 17 he sent 5.14d and has climbed a number of 5.15s.

If this route is ever pieced together, it will be one of the most wild free routes in the world. Watch below.