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Watch Simon Yamamoto Send Canada’s First 5.13c

The Resurrection 5.13c is on the Water Wall in the Bow Valley

Watch Simon Yamamoto climb The Resurrection, Canada’s first 5.13c, on the Water Wall in Grotto Canyon. This short film was shot by Dexter Bateman and Braden Bester.

The Resurrection has drilled pockets, something some climbers were experimenting with in the 1980s and early 1990s. You climb steep rock to a left-facing corner and roof. From there you continue up nice limestone to a pumpy finish.

The first half of the 1990s saw a boom in hard Bow Valley routes, with Todd Guyn, Scott Milton, Shep Steiner Joe Buszowski, JD LeBlanc and others opening many difficult bolted lines. Guyn made the first ascent of The Resurrection, Cause and Affect 5.13a and Hollywood Burn 5.13b on Water Wall and Milton sent Shep’s Diner 5.13a. Simon Parboossingh climbed the first natural 5.13 in the Bow Valley with Metabollica 5.13a.

The Resurrection 5.13c