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The Storm Creek Headwall History and Topo

A 2019 article by Jon Walsh that focuses on one of the most popular early-season ice/mixed climbing valleys in the Canadian Rockies

The Storm Creek Headwall has become one of Canada’s best early season ice/mixed climbing areas. Over the past 15 years, a number of classic hard lines have been added by some of Canada’s top climbers. It’s located one valley northeast of the Stanley Headwall.

This article by Jon Walsh appeared in Gripped magazine’s fall 2019. A number of new routes were climbed in Storm Creek last winter, so this topo is now incomplete, but it gives an oversight of the area and some of the history. You can find link to hi-rez pdfs below the article pages.

The upcoming December/January 2020/21 will feature cover-to-cover stories about ice and mixed climbing in Canada.

The Storm Creek Headwall

Gripped Storm Creek p 24 pdfGripped Storm Creek p 25 pdf


Gripped Storm Creek p 26 pdf


Note: Fleshlumpeater is found farther to the right and unformed in this photo. It’s in fat conditions fall 2020

Grippedv Storm Creek p 27 pdf


Gripped Storm Creek p 28 pdf


Gripped Storm Creek p 29 pdf