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Trip to Sardina for Warm Sport Climbing this Winter

Sardinia is one of the best sport climbing destinations in the Mediterranean with a number of amazing crags for any season.

The mild temperature in the winter season makes Sardinia a great destination to escape winter and to enjoy climbing in the sun.

Sardinia has over 4,000 sport routes and 1,000 multi-pitch. This is the cumulative work of international top climbers and local passionate joining forces and experience to create and maintain climbing problems of all grades.

Congratulations to Lara Neumeir and Chris Hanke for climbing Hotel Supramonte, one of the hardest and wildest multiples in Europe. . . . From @laraneumeier: • Juhuiii!! Wednesday morning we started at the bottom of Hotel Supramonte around 9am. Arriving at the start of pitch 5 I was already a bit tired from the two hard pitches before. Started climbing and had a BIG fight at the crux sequence😀 Luckily I climbed the lower and harder part of Hotel without any fall and saved some power for the rest. Aside the cramps in my forearms the upper part of Hotel Supramonte went quite well and we reached the top at 8pm… super HAPPY and tired 😄 . . . #hotelsupramonte #gorroppu #climbingsardinia #sardinia #sardegna #rockclimbing #climbing #leadclimbing #ropeclimb #klettern #klättring #escalade #escalada #escalar #arrampicare #arrampicata #c_l_i_m_b #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #doyouclimb #doyouboulder #sportclimbing #extremeclimbing #climbinglife #instaclimb #mountains #grimper #climbingnation

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As in many other Mediterranean islands the rock formation varies from limestone to granite and basalt. The majority of sport routes are bolted on solid limestone, leaving the granite unspoiled for classical trad climbing.

From vertical slabs to overhanging tufas and from multi-pitch to trad climbing, Sardina is a playground for climbers, offering all sorts of possibilities.

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In 2018, two new areas were developed at Pedra Longa, financed by the Municipality of Baunei and bolted by Maurizio Oviglia and Gianluca Piras. Watch below.