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Watch Nalle Hukkataival on The Finnish Line V16

Watch Nalle Hukkataival on The Finnish Line V16, his new route and likely Rocklands most difficult. “A gem rarer than diamonds,” is how Hukkataival describes The Finnish Line.

Alex Megos made the second ascent of the hard line a few weeks later. Watch Hukkataival below.

Hukkataival was born in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland and is one of the world’s leading boulderers.

He has to his credit many first ascents and repeats in the V15 and V16 range. In October 2016, he sent Burden of Dreams as the first-ever V17.

Some of his other hard climbs include Bügeleisen Sit V15 in Austria, Gioia V15/16, From Dirt Grows the Flowers V15 in Switzerland, Emotional Landscapes V15 in Austria, Kintsugi V15 in Red Rocks and La Force V15.