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Adam Ondra Tries Excalibur – Possible 5.15d

The long-standing project in Italy starts up a V15 and ends with a complex heel hook and undercling

Excalibur is a project close to Arco, Italy, with a nice view of the Sarca valley. “It has just enough holds to make this perfect 40-degree clean-cut wall possible,” said Adam Ondra.

The climb has less than 20 moves and follows a series of micro edges and monos. It was bolted by Cristian Dorigatti and Morris Fontanari, and has been tried by Jakob Schubert, Stefano Ghisolfi and others. Ondra said it follows a V15 to a difficult series of moves and is likely 5.15c or 5.15d. There’s a variation start that might be 5.15b. To date, neither route has been redpointed.

There’s another popular route called Excalibur, but it’s found on the south face of Yamnuska in the Canadian Rockies. The seven-pitch 5.10c was first climbed in 1988 by Steve DeMaio and Jeff Marshall and follows run-out limestone cracks up a wandering line.

“The following video captures my process of trying this already legendary project last winter,” said Ondra. “You will watch me struggle, try really hard and eventually give up. I am sure the project might go down soon. Who is going to do it?”

Excalibur 5.15+?

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