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Alex Puccio Adds New V12 to Hueco Tanks

Alex Puccio recently had a successful trip to Hueco Tanks, taking down classic after classic only to add her own. Adventureland features polished stone of the highest Hueco quality dubbed “mammoth rub.”

As the theory goes, large mammals like mammoth and cattle (in more recent years) used ground level access to scratch their backs on certain boulders. The wear down of the rock from years of this scratching created a solid polish. It inspired not only Puccio to name her new line Mammoth Rub, but master climbing hold shaper Ty Foose to create an entire dual-tex line of the same name.

Mammoth Rub, V12 adds a few hard power/tech moves into an existing V4 mantle stand start. Watch this video from Friction Labs about the first ascent by Puccio and second by Matt Fultz.

Mammoth Rub V12