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Ondra Gives Intricate Breakdown of Kneebar Beta on New 5.14d

The top climber dusts off an old crag to open a steep new climb in Slovakia

Adam Ondra heads to a Slovakian cave to attempt some steep new routes. His latest video is a combination of history and excellent beta for his new climb Hogo Fogo 5.14d.

The crag is called Deravá skala, which means The Leaky Rock, and is described by Ondra as a small dark cave that has been neglected for many years despite the first free climbing routes being developed in the 1980s.

“I did not like it myself the first time I saw it 20 years ago,” Ondra says. “With a new perspective and much more experience, I could see much better that this cave is a real gem, and the best lines were still waiting for the first ascents!”

New 5.14d in Slovakia