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Ryuichi Murai Climbing Sleepwalker V16

The top Japanese boulderer visited Red Rocks earlier this year

Ryuichi Murai visited Red Rocks earlier this year where he made relatively quick work of one of American’s hardest boulders with a repeat of Sleepwalker V16. It took him eight days of projecting to send the burly boulder.

The first ascent of Sleepwalker was in 2018 by Jimmy Webb, who said, “Initially I could not do a single move. But over the course of 11 days… with many moments of frustration I found myself on top of what could be the hardest boulder in the country.” It’s also been climbed by Daniel Woods, Nalle Hukkataival, Drew Ruana, Nathan Williams, Pablo Hammack and Matt Fultz. In 2021, Woods climbed a low start, calling it Return to Sleepwalker and grading it V17.

In 2021, Murai completed a five-year project with the first ascent of Nexus V16 in Japan. Before that, he opened Floatin and graded it V16. Murai is one of the world’s top boulderers with sends of multiple V15 and V16 boulders. In 2019, he made quick work of two classic problems in Switzerland in only a few tries: Dreamtime V15 and The Story of Two Worlds V15.

Watch Murai send Sleepwalker below, along with Atlas Shrugged V12 and Squoze V14/15.

Sleepwalker V16