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Shawn Raboutou Tries a Potential V18 in Vegas

A short film that also features Matty Hong sending a tall V14

Shawn Raboutou gives a breakdown of one of his most recent projects. Found next to Trieste V14 above Las Vegas in Red Rocks, his new problem follows a V13 into a V16 top-out, which who knows how hard that will be.

Also in the video, 5.15 climber and comp champ Matty Hong sends Trieste after Raboutou announces his new shoe sponsor in a fun commercial break. These bouldering videos just keep getting better and better.

In 2022, Raboutou made the first ascents of two V17 problems with Alphane and Megatron, read more about them here. In 2021, Shawn’s sister and top American climber Brooke Raboutou also climbed Trieste – watch here.

V14 and a Hard Project