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Squamish 5.12 Trad Send Footage Will Help You Crack Climb

This splitter granite crack is considered by many the best at the grade in Squamish. Stu Smith's send is 5.12+ trad climbing 101

Squamish 5.14 trad climber Stu Smith takes the sharp-end on Zap Crack, arguably the best gear climb at the grade of 5.12d in the area. Found at in the Valley of Shaddai, it was first climbed by Glenn Payan in 1997 and then freed by Andreas Taylor and Jeremy Blumel in 2000.

Sentry Box – the first Squamish 5.12: Murrin Park has a lot of great cracks, but none may be more popular than Sentry Box. It was aided in 1960 by Jim Baldwin and Ed Cooper and repeated several times before Eric Weinstein stepped up in 1976 to make the first free ascent at 5.12a. In 1982, Peter Croft and Tami Knight added a new start. Croft would go on to make the first free-solo of the thin crack, a feat repeated many decades later by Will Stanhope. Sentry Box has stood the test of time, so if you’re looking for an amazing crack climb with a lot of history, be sure to check it out.

Zap Crack Send Footage