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Steve House and Marco Prezelj’s Bold Peru Alpine Climb

One of the best alpine climbing videos you'll find on the internet

In 2005, Steve House and Marko Prezelj established a 16-pitch new route on the west face of Cara Oeste Cayesh in Peru. They climbed the 5.10d M7+ in 16 and a half hours round trip. “Dry conditions and unreliable protection made the route hard to grade, but we managed to free it all onsight,” said Prezelj.

They also managed the first free ascent of the Italian Pillar on Taulliraju, which was first climbed by Jeff Lowe and Alex Lowe in 1983. “Cayesh is remarkable for its stunning symmetry, needle-point summit and mixed rock and ice terrain,” said House.

“The tone of the trip – spontaneity and fun – comes through in the film. Though the shots are shaky, it’s self-filmed and never staged. For me it brings out the spirit Marko and I shared on that wall. I hope you enjoy climbing Cayesh with us as much as we enjoyed climbing it together.”

House went on to start Uphill Athlete, which has helped countless climbers train for the mountains. To find out more, visit his UphillAthelete.com.

Cara Oeste Cayesh