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Strong Climbing on a Girls Trip to Siurana

One of the most fun rock climbing films to be released this season

Anna Hazelnutt has released a new short film called We Tried Hard, a Girls Climbing Trip to Siurana, in which she’s joined by Andrea Bruhnke and Bronwyn Hodgins. The three top climbers search out hard projects and take big whips.

On one climb, Hodgins was nearing the end of a route when her rope got stuck. About it, she said, “At one point while climbing on the project, a sling below me wrapped around the rope so many times that it acted like a prussik, preventing me from pulling up slack. I had just linked the crux and was trying to clip, but couldn’t! The first thought that went through my head was: what if the rope is stuck in the crack below and if I jump off it could cause a core shot? Time was ticking as I hung on the jug while we tried to figure out what was going on. Eventually, after tugging from both ends, the prussik loosened and I was able to clip, and then lower down to discover the culprit. Yikes!”

Siurana is considered by many to be one of the world’s best sport climbing areas. The limestone cliffs have thousands of routes, from thin techy test-pieces to overhanging pocket lines. The historic  and among the top destination crags in the world. The nearby town of Catalonia has historic buildings above winding cobblestone streets.

Watch Hazelnutt’s edit from their trip below.

Siurana Sending