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Watch Adam Ondra Talk About Belaying

Top climber Adam Ondra shares some tips on belaying

Adam Ondra’s “Road to Tokyo” series will now be extended to summer 2021, since the Olympics have been officially postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the world re-adjusts to a new normal, Ondra has started to offer a new video series called No Fear. His first video was bout falling and his latest is about belaying.

“After the last week’s episode dedicated to falling, we will take a look at the other side of the rope now,” said Ondra. “Belaying is an important part and I am definitely picky about my belayer when it comes to sending on my limit. I am not only speaking about safety but also about the speed of giving me slack quickly enough. Find out more about how it is to belay me and a few safety tips as well.”

Belaying with Ondra