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Watch Hard Gritstone Bouldering in the U.K.

Hard grit bouldering, watch below

This short film is the result of a grit season spent bouldering around The Peak, Yorkshire and Lancashire areas.

Featuring a range of climbers on 47 problems in 47 minutes graded from V9 to V12, this film will get you stoked for some gritty problems.

Gritstone or grit is a hard, coarse-grained and siliceous sandstone. The gritstone edges of the Peak District are an important climbing area and the rock is much relished by English climbers, among whom it has almost cult status and is often referred to as “God’s own rock.”

The rough surface provides outstanding friction, enabling climbers to stand on or grip the subtlest of features in the rock.

The first climbing guidebook to the area was Some Gritstone Climbs, by John Laycock, published in 1913. There are over 10,000 routes in the Peak District.