Watch Hazel Findlay and Will Stanhope take to Froggat gritstone to repeat classics climbs without ropes in this film from Hot Aches Production. In 2011, Stanhope broke a hold on the classic Parthian Shot and hit the ground after a big fall. In a blog post, he wrote, “As I climbed higher I got a deep pit-in-my-stomach feel that something wasn’t right.

“The superstitious feeling came too late, though- I was way above the flake without a hope of downclimbing. The next thing I knew I was on the ground, spitting blood, struggling to breathe. I tried to weight my left foot, but I immediately knew it was broken. It felt like the bones were swimming. I suspect I fell somewhere between 35- 40 feet.”

Stanhope recovered and spent many years free-soloing hard rock climbs, including Zombie Roof 5.12d in Squamish and Separate Reality 5.12+ in Yosemite. Stanhope was recently in South America, where he climbed a number of new alpine routes, read here for more.

Stanhope and Findlay on Grit

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