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Watch Wide Boyz FA of Gobbler’s Roof in U.K. in 2009

Situated in the Harborough Rocks is Gobbler’s Roof, a crack that wide boyz Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker made the first ascent of in 2009. This climb was made before they visited America, where they went on to re-write offwidth history.

“As expected, the line is horrible with 20 to 25 feet of horizontal offwidth, to a flared pod finish and a final hand crack,” said Whittaker. “It’s stuck away in a damp cave at Harborough Rocks in the Peak and certainly ain’t the most aesthetic line ever. However, it did fulfill our desires to find something truly disgusting.”

Both failed on the crux around five times each before Whittaker made the first ascent and Randall made the second. “As usual the youngster proved his apprenticeship on the rock has been well served and he offered up a variety of foot stacks, arm bars, heel-toe cams and inverted leg bars. He’s named it Gobbler’s Roof for fairly obvious reasons.”

Gobbler’s Roof