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World’s Youngest 5.14d Climber Talks Training

Théo Blass joins Magnus Mitbø for a day of gym climbing and routesetting

Théo Blass climbed his first 5.14d in September, while on the same day his sister Alizée Blass climbed her first 5.13b at nine years old. Théo made history last winter when he became the youngest to climb 5.14c.

At only 12 years old and nine months, Théo redpointed Trip Tik Tonik 5.14d at Gorges du Loup, after trying it for around 10 sessions. He said that he dreamed of climbing 5.14d at a younger age than when Adam Ondra climbed the grade, which was 13 years old.  He began to work on Trip Tik Tonik in 2021, and returned this year with his family for two weeks.

In a newly release video, Magnus Mitbø teams up with Théo for a day of training, watch below.

Training with Théo Blass