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Gripped Week in Review: Rescue, Black Diamond, 5.15b

This is a weekly summary of top climbing stories from March 23 to April 6.

1. Amazing Rescue

After a skier is buried four metres in a Rockies avalanche, her partners make one of the most impressive rescues ever.

2. Heated Chalk Bag

Black Diamond Hot Forge Heated Chalk bag is amazing April Fools, sells out in one day.

3. Sachi Amma

Sachi Amma climbs the first-ever 5.15b in Japan.

4. No Gym to Trad Lead Climbing

We list 15 reasons why you should never start trad climbing after learning how to lead in a gym.

5. Ha Ling Route Closures

Alberta Parks will be closing climbing and hiking on Ha Ling, the popular peak with many rock routes above Canmore.

6. New Quebec M10

Jean-Francois Girard climbed a new 50-metre M10 wit steep ice and rock in Quebec.

7. Mount Louis

A detailed summary of all of the climbing route on Banff’s famous Mount Louis.

8. Prinzip Hoffnung

At 16, Nemuel Feurle has made a rare ascent of the run-out Austrian 5.14 trad route.

9. Youth Team

Youth Team Canada is announced.

10. Ice Solo

Stas Beskin talks about his new ice pillar solo technique.

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