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Watch Alex Megos Send Canada’s First 5.15 Fight Club

Watch Alex Megos send Fight Club, Canada’s first 5.15. The hard route is found at Ravens Crag in Banff National Park. The first bolts on the steep prow were added in the early 1990s by Peter Arbic.

When Megos visited Canada for his first time, he and Sonnie Trotter visited the still-project line and Trotter added bolts to the top to create a complete route.

After many days of projecting, Megos sent it at 5.15b. It was the longest time he had ever spent on a project and a number of top climbers seem interested in attempting it in the summer of 2017.

Alex Megos on FIghtclub. Photo Brandon Pullan
Alex Megos on FIght Club. Photo Brandon Pullan

On the same trip to Canada, Megos sent Dreamcatcher 5.14d, The Path 5.14R and climbed a number of new 5.14+ routes. Despite not being much of a multi-pitch climber, he onsighted the massive 5.13d up the east face of Mount Louis called The Shining.

It was only the second ascent of the first by Tommy Caldwell and Sonnie Trotter a few year earlier. Scroll through the below photos to see some of his epic Canadian trip.