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Brooke Raboutou Climbing a Steep V13

She's competed at the Olympics, recently won a World Cup gold medal and climbed her first V13 nearly a decade ago

Brooke Raboutou V13

World Cup gold medallist Brooke Raboutou is one of the best all-round rock climbers of her generation. From a young age, Raboutou made headlines and appeared in climbing footage sending hard boulders and making podiums.

At the age of nine, she became the youngest female to send V10, and at 11, the youngest to redpoint a 5.14b. Raboutou competed at the Tokyo Olympics last year, and two weeks ago she won her first World Cup gold, which you can read about here.

Raboutou comes from a family of climbers. Her father Didier Raboutou and mother Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou are former world champions, and her brother Shawn Raboutou, is a V17 climber.

“As much as I love climbing, I need a balance,” Raboutou told Gripped in 2022. “I cannot be 100 per cent focused on climbing or it does not work for me.” In this new video released by Mellow, Brooke Raboutou uses a crazy finger lock to send the test-piece Traphouse V13 in one day.

Traphouse V13