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Vid: Segal and Stanhope’s Hilarious Climb/Scooter Trip

An unmotivated and languishing Matt Segal gets inspiration from an unlikely place and recruits Will Stanhope, his life-partner-in-crime to accompany him on a winter adventure that will test their strength, stamina, and friendship.

On Matt’s 50cc scooter, the boys set out with an iron resolve to ride from Boulder to Aspen, Colorado to do a little ice climbing.

“How Honnold’s taken soloing, we’ve taken scootering,” said Stanhope. What happens in between is nothing short of extraordinary.

“At the end of the day, none of this matters; the video, the photos, the likes, the fact we did do a first ascent scooter mission across the states of Colorado,” said Segal.

“What really matters is that I went on an adventure with my best friends and that’s an adventure worth doing.”