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Watch Barry Blanchard Talk History of Rockies Ice and Alpine

One of Canada's top alpine climbers talks about the good old days of Canadian big mountain climbing

Grivel’s Ice Chasers series features Barry Blanchard from the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Blanchard talks about the history of some of his boldest climbs.

Blanchard’s Climbing Highlights

1983: The Andromeda Strain V 5.9 A2 with David Cheesmond and Tim Friesen
1984: North Ridge of Rakaposhi, Pakistan with David Cheesmond and Kevin Doyle.
1984: East Face V/VI 5.8 WI5 of Mount Fay with David Cheesmond and Carl Tobin.[1] 1985: North Pillar of North Twin with ascent with David Cheesmond
1991: The Blanchard/Twight on Les Droites with Mark Twight
1999: M-16, East Face of Howse Peak with Steve House and Scott Backes
1999: Pugilist at Rest VI 5.10 A3 M5, 1,000 m, Mount Alverstone, Saint Elias Mountains with Mark Wilford
2000: Infinite Spur on Mount Foraker with Carl Tobin.
2002: Infinite Patience on the Emperor Face of Mount Robson

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